Hirscher claims first super-g victory in Beaver Creek

05 December 2015 21:26
Hirscher in Beaver Creek
Hirscher in Beaver Creek -
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Today was an unusual day in Beaver Creek. It all started with light snowfall in the morning. Since the beginning of the season, the men’s races could always take place under bluebird skies, but today the light was flat and snow had to be pushed off the race line. At 10.00, the jury decided to lower the start and to shorten the intervals between the racers, but confirmed the program. Thanks to the amazing job of the Talon course crew, the Audi Birds of Prey race track was ready on time at 11.00 and the race could be staged under fair conditions.

Marcel Hirscher went in the race with bib number 4 and thanks to his strong 1:06:90 run, he managed to stay in the leader’s position until the last racer crossed the finish line. This is when Hirscher could finally celebrate his first world cup super-g win ever.

“I’m the first surprised by my win. I’m still not in the comfort or safety zone in super-g, so this result is great for me. I train so much in the tech disciplines, but I don’t get many training days in super-g, it was only four days so far this season. But super-g is kind of in between giant slalom and downhill, and today they were a couple of turns where you got to use your GS turns, and that made the win possible”, commented Hirscher.

The overall globe winner of the four previous seasons will be almost unbeatable this year if he keeps scoring points in speed disciplines. But Hirscher’s focus is meant to stay on tech-disicpline.

“I don’t think I’ll do all the super-g this season. I skied this super-g in Beaver Creek many times, so I knew what to expect here, but it wouldn’t make sense to do the super-g in Gröden for example. I’m hungry for more super-g, but my focus stays on tech-disciplines, it’s not possible to be good in 4 disciplines”, added Hirscher.

The 2nd place went to super-g World Champion 2013, Ted Ligety. The giant slalom specialist and multiple globe winner recognized that the conditions were tough today and is happy he could ski a podium in his home country.

“When I got bib 29, I wasn't all that psyched on that. In super-G it's definitely nice to run early, but with the snowstorm today, it was really tough for those guys running 15 to 22, the snowstorm was really hard then. When I went it started to clear up a little bit so I was able to ski well and capitalize on that little break in the weather”, said Ligety.

“It's always nice to see you're on the podium anywhere, but especially in the United States. It's so rare when we get a race in the U.S. because most of the World Cup races are in Western Europe, so it's nice to be able to ski in the United States and have everybody else living out of their duffle bags like we do”, added Ligety.

Andrew Weibrecht’s attack from the back began here in Beaver Creek. After a 5th place in yesterday’s downhill, where he equaled his best world cup performance ever, Weibrecht even made it on the 3rd place to the podium in today’s super-g.

“Everything was running great today. Obviously there's some new snow so things are a little bit slower than you would expect from what we had yesterday, but it's a super smooth course and I think you just have to kind of charge it and have a little bit of fun with it today because it's going to feel good to you have to go hard. I'm happy with the way I skied and happy with the way I skied yesterday and just kind of rolled that into today and it's all good”, explains Weibrecht.

It’s the first World Cup podium for the US Ski Team member, so everyone kept asking him how it felt to earn his first podium today.

“I get that question so much. I had two fifth places last year, which I was super psyched about, and just to get that monkey off my back where I don't have to field that question anymore would be unbelievable. To have that race in the books, that's one of the big things that's missing from my résumé”, answered Weibrecht.

The last race on the Audi Birds of will be tomorrow’s giant slalom. The weather forecast is much better than today and the grandstands are free, so join us for another exciting race in Beaver Creek!

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