Hirscher finally wins in Kitzbuehel

27 January 2013 10:13
Hirscher Kitzbuehel
Hirscher Kitzbuehel -

KITZBUEHEL, Austria – After never making it to the podium, it’s finally a victory for Hirscher in Kitzbuehel!

The Austrian is having an outstanding season, leading the Overall standings and landing on the podium in each of the Slalom races so far. The pressure coming into Kitzbuehel was very high for Hirscher as the media kept reminding him that a top result in Kitzbuehel was missing in his collection.

“I tried my best, but it was pretty difficult,” a visibly tired but happy Hirscher said. “I knew that Felix had an awesome run and that I would need to give it my best to win the race. I never think about the pressure and what the media is writing or saying, I always just try to focus on my skiing and give my personal maximum”

Neureuther is also on a roll this season; his confidence high form winning the recent Slalom in Wengen but today Hirscher was simply faster.

“I think in both runs I was not able to find that aggressiveness that made me win in Wengen, but I still feel very lucky to be second here in Kitzbuehel.”

It’s a tight program for the racers as already Monday morning a charter flight will be taking them to Moscow for Tuesday’s City Event.

After having won the Munich City Event, Neureuther is looking forward to the Moscow trip.

“The event itself is for sure a lot of stress but I love it and I feel it’s a great way to promote the sport in the future. I’m looking forward to racing in it again.”

Ivica Kostelic placed third in today’s Slalom and first in the Combined. The Croatian is a big fan of the Classical Combined having won it four times in a row now.

“I think cancelling the classic combined is a mistake,” Kostelic said at the press conference. “I know everyone thinks I support it when I win so much in it but in a year or two I will be gone from skiing and I hope that the discipline, especially here in Kitzbuehel survives. It’s unbelievable that this tradition might be destroyed. This is the home of the Classic Combined and I think it would be a huge loss to make it go away.”

Here are the results.

by Ana Jelusic