How do our athletes diversify summer training?

30 June 2017 14:17
Austria Ski Team Summer Training
Austria Ski Team Summer Training -

„When everyone is trying to tell you to slow down, move faster.“ This is the motto of Overall winner Mikaela Shiffrin. Most athletes follow the same spirit in summer and work hard on improving their physical shape to be able to face a long and intense winter season at their best level.

In addition to lots of strength training, the teams try to diversify dryland and test lots of other sports. This diversification of summer training is very welcomed by most athletes and should insipre you for great week-end plans.

The Austrian ladies did some serious swim training.


The Norwegian men’s crew played hockey. 


The Italians ladies trained on the athletics track (using it as a catwalk).


The French guys went boxing.


The Swiss men went wakeboarding.

The US speed girls tested speed skating.

The Germans trust the basics and did lots of biking.


The Canadians enjoy stand up paddling in their beautiful mountains.


The Swedes’ are dancing into the 2017/18 season.