Injury Update Guillermo Fayed & Medical Plan Kvitfjell

12 March 2016 17:03
Fayed in Chamonix
Fayed in Chamonix -
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On Saturday, during the second training of the Audi FIS Ski World Cup downhill in Kvitfjell, Frenchman Guillermo Fayed crashed in the lower part of the Olympiabakken course. He suffered a severe injury on his right knee, including a torn ACL and an avulsion fracture. Fayed is flying back to France on Monday and will undergo surgery as soon as possible.

Immediately after the crash, the rescue & evacuation was called in and everything worked according to plan. "As soon as the course was clear, a race doctor and the team doctor went to the patient and made a primary assessment. After evaluating the situation, they made the decision to evacuate from the slope via helicopter. After a second assessment in the finish area, the medical team decided to transport the patient by car ambulance to the hospital in Lillehammer,“ explains Chief Race Doctor Andreas Espino.

FIS Race Director Markus Waldner confirmed that no compromises were accepted regarding the safety of the athletes: "We have worked hard to improve the evacuation chain in Kvitfjell after the issues we had here in the past. A new team of very high level doctors is in place and they took the athletes‘ concerns very seriously from the very beginning on. They reviewed the whole medical plan and offered professional solutions, which have been presented to all the teams and approved by them.“

The French team confirmed that everything went smoothly in the evacuation and that they were involved in the decision making from the very beginning. „The chopper was still running, so we could easily decide to fly directly to Oslo or to go to Lillehammer by car,“ said Lionel Lidzborski, Team Doctor from France. „It was a decision we took together with the flight doctor, the race doctor and myself. A quick medical examination showed that he was not in a condition that needed a helicopter transportation, so we decided to go by ambulance to Lillehammer hospital, where a team of physicians was waiting for us and took care of Fayed just as we arrived. They even reopened the MRI for him, even though it was supposed to be closes at that time. We are really thankful for that.“

We wish Guillermo Fayed a quick and full recovery, and look forward to seeing him again on the Audi FIS Ski World Cup Tour next season.