Innerhofer tops Bormio training run

27 December 2013 12:41
Innerhofer fastest in Bormio training run
Innerhofer fastest in Bormio training run -

BORMIO, Italy – The first downhill training on the challenging “Stelvio” slope in Bormio has been a great success. After days of worrying if conditions would be stable enough for the training run to take place, Bormio woke up to a beautiful and sunny day and a slope which proved to be in better condition than anyone could have expected.

Due to the heavy snowfalls which occurred on the top section of the Stelvio, a decision was made already on Thursday to lower the original starting position and focus on getting the slope in shape from La Rocca. This proved to be a great call and the training took place as scheduled.

Christof Innerhofer adapted the best to the challenging conditions and walked out of the finish area with the fastest time of the day. Not far behind were Bode Miller and Aksel Lund Svindal who finished 0.20 and 0.28 seconds behind Innerhofer.

Innerhofer has fond memories of Bormio as in 2008 he achieved his first victory on this slope and finished third two years later.

“It’s always good to be back in Bormio, my first big successes, my first victory and my first podium after that happened on this slope so I have great memories from the “Stelvi”o. I am having fun this week as I know I can do really well.”

A big storm hit Bormio as preparations were ongoing for the race and while it snowed on top, the lower section was hit by rain, creating a very different surface in that section. The main worry was that if it remained warm, it might be slushy for the training run but a clear night helped and according to the racers it was nice to ski on.

“The conditions are as if there were two races in one. On the top section, it’s wintery conditions while on the bottom it’s more like spring. It’s not so fun on top as its quite soft and it’s hard to get out of the turns while in the last section it was really fun. It’s always a good feeling proving that I can be among the fastest, even if this is just a training,” Innerhofer continued.

Dominik Paris, who won last year’s downhill will be sitting out this year’s race as the injury suffered during a fall in Val Gardena is taking longer than foreseen to fully heal. We hope to see him back on the slopes for the January races.

One more training is planned on the “Stelvio” before it’s race time so stay tuned for more downhill action!