Italian Giulia Gianesini switches to coaching

02 June 2014 15:54
Giulia Gianesini in action
Giulia Gianesini in action -
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Giulia Gianesini, who has been a member of the Italian Ski Association since her debut in the Ofterschwang giant slalom World Cup race in 2006 announced today on her social media channel that she will not be returning to competition next season and her career as a skiracer ends here.

“When you're an athlete, you never think of the time that you will need to stop. It can seem so far away that we never really take it into account, even though everyone knows that sooner or later it will happen – and for me now it's the time,” Gianesini wrote on her Facebook page.

“Skiing (competitively speaking) has always been a passion for me, involvement, dedication and fun and I always promised myself that if one of these things would start lacking it would not have made sense to continue on this path. Therefore, it is time for me to close this parenthesis of my life, the one that brought me many both joys and sorrows, moments of happiness and hard times. Skiing taught me so much as did the people who are part of it, both those who have believed in me and those who didn’t. They made me stronger and gave me the opportunity to believe even more in myself. I'm proud of what I did and even though I regret not having expressed my full potential I end this experience with the hope of being able to convey to others the infinite passion for the sport that has given me and taken away so much at the same. The biggest thanks goes to my parents because without them all of this would have been quite impossible, they never made me miss anything and have been important guides every day. Of course, a thank you also goes to my family, to Giorgio, to my fan club, my friends and all the people who have placed their trust in me. I sincerely thank the team of the “Fiamme Oro”, especially Igor Cigolla who has always been there for me. From tomorrow, a new career as coach and ski instructor will begin for me and who knows what awaits me on the other side,” Gianesini continued her farewell post.

We wish her all the best in the future and in continuing to share her passion for skiing through her future work.