Italian ladies with positive trend

29 August 2012 20:39
Federica Brignone
Federica Brignone -

The Italian ladies speed team is about to head to Argentina on 6th September whilst the slalom and GS teams are currently already in South America. Raimund Plancker, the Italian ladies' head coach takes stock: "As a whole, the work is going well, only Manuela Moelgg will stay at home to resolve the old problems with her vertabrea (L4 - L5) which are making her life difficult. She has been swimming a lot and using osteopathy with the objective of returning to skis around 10-15th september, under the guidance of Paolo De Florian. Federica Brignone is suffering from a cyst in her right ankle but no longer has time to have it operated on hence she is looking for a solution with her boot and solutions for managing the pain that at times is significant. But she is doing excellently and should be in a position to defend her silver medal in Schladming".

"The GS team is very competitive, and I am convinced we will have several athletes on the top at the end of the first period which will see six events on the calendar. I have a lot of confidence in the sisters Curtoni, in Lisa Agerer  and in Nadia Fanchini who is determined to show her capabilities this year. I wage a bet: Nadia will be in the first group for GS come January. Denise Karbon is always among the best and has managed to keep her fragile knee under control. Of course the competition gets tougher over the years but Denny is an amazing talent and a character to take note of, and I am sure that in good visibility conditions she will be a force to reckon with."

Regarding the training, Plancker adds: "Nadia Fanchini, as Elena Curtoni and Lisa Agerer will be in La Parva to work on their speed a bit. Afterwards, for Nadia, it is time to depart and prepare well for Soelden. She has a lot of need for recovery because this year she has been training hard and pretty much skiing 24 hours a day. That will also be good for Sabrina Fanchini, who last week was regularly faster than many C team males in Zermatt."

"The slalom remains our achilles' heel even if we have Irene Curtoni who will surely score important results, along with Federica Brignone and Elena Curtoni, although the latter will be an all-rounder. There are some young stars coming such as Michela Azzola and Marta Benzoni, who will likely enter the top 30 and make the World Cup team. Obviously this is pending the recovery of Manuela Moelgg."

"The speed team have some margin for growth, including Hanna Schnarf, Dada Merighetti and Elena Fanchini who is doing well on the physical side after two seasons without injuries. If she can control hear fear she will do well. And among the young guns, there is Francesca Marsaglia".