Italian team bikes through Sicily

23 May 2013 13:25
Team Italy Biking
Team Italy Biking -

After starting their summer physical training in Novarello, the men’s Italian team headed south for a week-long biking training camp in Sicily.

From the 18th until the 25th of May the skiers will be based in the city of Messina on the beautiful Italian island and will undertake a bike tour which will take them through the provinces of Messina and Catania, as well as the towns of Taormina and Novara of Sicily, considered to be among the 100 most beautiful places in Italy.

Florian Eisath, Mattia Casse, Werner Heel, Manfred Moelgg, Luca De Aliprandini, Silvano Varettoni, Roberto Nani, Stefano Gross and Dominik Paris will be accompanied in this adventure by Claudio Ravetto, coaches Simone Del Dio and Angelo Weiss, physical coaches Vittorio Micotti and Tommaso Frilli and by physiotherapist Luca Caselli. 

The week on the bike is part of the summer training planned for the Italian Team where they will do four morning stages on the bike for a total of almost 300km, while in the afternoon they will work at the gym on strength and stabilization while finding time for some soccer and tennis.

The first stage saw the athletes bike some 80km which included some 15km going uphill at 10% while on day two most of the team worked their pedals for a total of 90km in strong winds. Moellegg was the one to catch as he went on to lead the pack in front of Eisath, Varettoni, Casse and Nani. De Aliprandini, Paris and Heel chose to stay in and focus on a strength specific training in the morning followed by a soccer game with the rest of the team after the afternoon training session.

Day three called for a shorter, 50km quite uphill stage at the end of which Paris said: “It has been a beautiful ride but really tough, I can feel my legs being tired but I really had a lot of fun.”

The guys are working hard and you can follow the rest of their training on the official FISI Twitter page –