Ivica Kostelic and Kristian Ghedina team up at Colmar

05 July 2012 19:58
Kostelic Ghedina
Kostelic Ghedina -

Meeting up with Ivica Kostelic is not easy. This time though, just back from a three-week vacation and on his way to Zermatt (SUI) for training, the Croatian ski champ made a quick trip to Monza (ITA) to greet Colmar, a technical sponsor of the Croatian National Alpine Ski Team. 

Ivica had fun taking part in the press conference set up by Colamr, answering the stream of questions about what’s in store for the upcoming ski season. First and foremost, there’s the new partnership with Italian champ Kristian Ghedina. As of this year, he’s joining the Croatian support team to offer advice on how to perform best in alpine speed events. The two champions initially got together this past June in the Dresden (GER) wind tunnel, officially kicking off the collaboration. What’s striking about the alliance, however, is the human aspect. Ghedina made this clear when he explained that the real reason why he went along with Ivica’s proposal is he just likes the guy so much. Meanwhile from the purely technical viewpoint, “Ghedo” – Italy’s all-time strongest downhill specialist – will assist the Croatian champ in his precision-perfect efforts to improve the smoothness of his skiing.

Kostelic also asked to visit the production plant, in order to get a better grasp of the process of making his skiwear and also to have the chance to actually touch his new competition suit. What’s more, to the delight of everyone present, he even sew a piece himself.

Source: Colmar