Janyk launches fight for slalom globe

14 November 2010 06:26

Michael Janyk, the bronze medallist in the 2009 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships slalom who finished 9th in the overall World Cup slalom standings last season, is leading a team of seven Canadians to the World Cup opening slalom race today at Levi (FIN). He will be accompanied by Julien Cousineau, Brad Spence, Trevor White, Patrick Biggs, Ryan Semple and Paul Stutz.

“I always have a feeling that I want summer to stay because it always doesn't feel long enough for us, but as soon as the snow starts to fly I want to race,” said veteran Janyk. “After six years of looking forward to the Vancouver games and having them come and go, I have a new sense of drive for this new season and my focus is re-strengthened by what my teammate Erik did by winning the globe. So I want to start racing to go after that goal.”

“Physically I would say I'm as strong as I've always been, in good shape and the body feels great but mentally I feel way more prepared then other years because of the work I've done in the off season,” added Janyk. “My objective for Levi is simple. I want to win! Every time I step out on my skis my goal is to win.”

Janyk starts with a bib number 8 for the first run at Levi.