Jens Byggmark's fun summer

10 September 2013 14:35
Jens Byggmark
Jens Byggmark -

Jens Byggmark is the mischievous guy in the Swedish team, always with a smile on his face, and the one who, if you want some action you should stay close to. As every summer, Jens doesn’t miss a chance to combine hours of hard training with a good dose of fun!

Hi Jens, how are you doing?

Everything is fine with me.

You started summer doing some physical tests, are you in good shape?

The physical tests in early summer showed the same curves as they did in the fall and the spring before that, so I guess I was in a pretty good shape then. During the summer I wanted to improve further, be diligent, so I have focused a lot more on my endurance, incorporating more running and cycling than I usually do.

We follow you on Instagram, and the impression is that you are someone who enjoys life a lot. There seems to be always something happening around you, do you ever take it easy?

Right now, I take it easy, haha! But I agree I do try to make a lot of things happen when I have some time off. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I like to have fun and I have many friends that are like-minded. In summer I try to find a balance between training and fun.

I have to ask about Gumball. This time you drove around Europe, how did things go?

Gumball is a one-week transition in a strange life where you drive around with 130 other wicked people. Every time you come into a town like Krakow 40,000 spectators are waiting, yelling and cheering. You get to meet and know people like Xzibit, Bun B, and Tony Hawk. And then it satisfies your car interest quite dramatically when you get to drive next to super sports cars all day.

Did you have any incidents along the way?

In Russia, on their crummy roads, the driving axles of the car became skew and started making a deafening noise for the rest of the rally. Otherwise, no major incidents. Some other cars did however taste the crash barrier and fields.

And now, the car is for sale if I got it right? Will there be no more Gumball then?

The car that I have now, I have had it for two years so feel that it's time to start another project, what it will be I do not know yet. But I am planning to run next year's Gumball as well. The route goes from Miami to Ibiza!

You are travelling so much during the year, do you try to spend some time in Sweden in the summer?

Sweden attracts me a bit, for example I always celebrate Midsummer in Sweden, and I always have some sponsor events during the tennis week in Båstad, but mostly I stay down here around the Mediterranean. My girlfriend’s father has a house in Marbella so I move between my apartment in Monaco and Marbella. 

As it has now become tradition, this year you were in Båstad again and played some beach volleyball. Did your team win?

Haha, no! I always manage to end up amongst the worst placed teams. I like to think that I'm not that bad, so I simply have to blame the losses on my teammates, haha. 

Are you feeling healthy?

Luckily, I can not really complain about anything at the moment.

Do you feel the urge to get on snow again? When is the first camp on snow planned?

It seems like I'm getting pretty hungry for some time on the snow. I have a rule to try to think as little as possible about skis in the summer to be as psyched as possible once it starts. But it's hard. First ski day on skis was 8th of August for some runs in an indoor hall.

How do you feel about winter? Any thoughts about the Olympics?

 I have, as usual, high goals. It is little hard to think about the Olympics at this moment, I have to let it come more and more during the season, even if it is the big event. But it's so important to get there with good confidence and rankings that you create on the World Cup. The focus simply has to be on the next race.

Rudi Soulard as the new coach. Have you had him before?

 I was fortunate to have Rudi back in the European Cup, and then we had an awesome collaboration and I look forward to picking up where we left it.