Julien Lizeroux not giving up despite slow progress

19 November 2012 17:05
Julien Lizeroux
Julien Lizeroux -

Off the racing slopes since January 2011 and following various media articles, French ski racer Julien Lizeroux has set the record straight regarding his knee and its recovery status.

He recapped the situation and order of events as follows: 

"-June 2011 : I had surgery on my quadriceps tendon.

-June2011-January2012: I went through a long period of rehabilitation.

-January 2012: the medical check-up was not positive, the first surgery was not successful and doctors were unable to provide me with a solution.

- I stayed quiet and patient.

- June 2012: After a good break during springtime, I was back at rehab with my teammates: progresses were good even though very slow.

-July 2012: Another medical check-up: I needed another  arthroscopy to remove loose cartilage and to clean my knee.

- After 6 weeks of rehab between Albertville, Chambéry and CERS Boulouris, I was back in physical training with Olivier Pedron my phisical coach. Progress were good and I still trained every day : weight lifting, biking, running, electro stimulation, etc… As I was starting from 0, evolution was positive even if I had a lot of work to do before being competitive again."

Going forward, return back to the snow would be the next step forward."

Lizeroux stated: "Free skiing is the next step. No schedule right now, but I’d like to be back on skis in beginning of December so that I can cheer for my teammates in Val d’Isère WC (December 8th and 9th). It will be a first test, only free skiing to know exactly what I am capable of!"

After that there are two options:

"1st option: it is going well, I will need a lot of free skiing days (more than 15) in order to reaccustom my knee and my leg to skiing. And then only I will think about getting back in the gates (so competition is not for right now……)

2nd option: is too early: too painful, so I will go back to physical training"

He summarized: "Hard for me to know what will happen tomorrow. My knee is still the boss and I make the program in accordance with medical Staff, physios and condi trainers. No need to loose energy about setting goals. Adaptation is the key word (with hours of training and sweating)."