Kajsa Kling ready to be better and faster than ever

27 June 2012 11:59
Kaj -

Kajsa Kling is a 23-year-old Swedish speed specialist with high hopes of following in Anja Pärson’s footsteps to the top. Her best result last season was a 13th place finish in the Lake Louise super-G. Kajsa debuted on the World Cup tour in January 2007 in Zauchensee and also raced the home Worlds in Are in 2007 at the age of 18.

FISAlpine: Your season ended in a shoulder operation last spring - how is the recovery coming along?

Kajsa Kling: I just met with the doctors and physios that have been helping me and everything is looking good. I still struggle a bit with flexibility but I'm on schedule and it’s getting there.

FISAlpine: How have you been keeping fit and what is the training plan for the coming few weeks?

KK: I've been training since two weeks after the surgery (12th of March) so my physical condition hasn't been affected that much by the surgery. Modified training and a lot of rehab of course but I've had some good months. Looking forward, I'll just keep on going. A lot of my time will be spent in the gym. Main focus this summer is on rehab, endurance and core strength. I can basically work out the way I did before surgery now which feels motivating and more fun.

FISAlpine: Do you have any more vacation planned or did you already have your days off?

KK: I had some vacation already, ten days in Whistler, but I'm going to spend a lot of time with my family in our cabin.

FISAlpine: With the retirement of Anja Pärson, the Swedish ladies' team lost a key figure. What will you miss about Anja and who do you think will take her place in the team?

KK: Anja has great experience and a lot of routine in skiing. She has always been really helpful and shared this with me and my teammates. We all have different roles in the team and I don't think anybody can be replaced, whoever is leaving. She was a big part of our team and she will be missed!

FISAlpine: Sweden has a new speed training group together with the young Norwegian speed ladies, along with new coaches. How do you see this cross-border arrangement working?

KK: Both Sweden and Norway have two pretty small speed teams. Working together makes our team bigger, with more coaches which will give us a better capability to improve. I'm really looking forward to this cooperation.

FISAlpine: You experienced your first FIS Congress in Korea recently - Are did not unfortunately get the 2017 Worlds, but how was the trip?

KK: Korea was a lot of fun. It was interesting to see "the other side" of the sport and learn a little bit more about how FIS works.

FISAlpine: For those speaking/reading Swedish, you are a very keen observer and commentator in your blog. What does your blog tell about you?

KK: I'm quite frank and outspoken in my blog. I pretty much write whatever comes to my mind. Without censoring. Haha!

FISAlpine: Will the season 2012/13 be the break-out year for Kajsa Kling?

KK: That is what I'm aiming for!! This year I'll be better and faster than before.