Kasper, Fanchini and Borsotti get injured

07 December 2012 21:34
Fanchini, Borsotti and Kasper
Fanchini, Borsotti and Kasper -

A broken ACL and meniscus of the right knee and injury of the collateral ligament of the left knee is the harsh diagnosis the FISI Medical Commission established for Giovanni Borsotti. The young Italian fell on Thursday morning while training Giant Slalom in Sestriere, he was preparing for this weekend’s races in Val d’ Isere. Borsotti straddled a gate and immediately felt sharp pains in both knees. He was taken off the slope and transported to Milan for an MRI after which a surgery had been scheduled for next week. He is expected to make a comeback 5-6 months from now.

On the ladies side of the Italian Ski Team, another injury had been confirmed. Sabrina Fanchini, the youngest of the three Fanchini sisters, and the only one leaning more towards the technical than the speed disciplines, fell while training in Loveland last week. She will have surgery on Wednesday in Brescia and the season ended early for her as well.

While training in Val d’ Isere the morning before the Slalom race, US racer Nolan Kasper hit a rut while in a bad position and felt his knee pop. Initial reports state he suffered a potential torn ACL. The young Slalom specialist was just coming back from hip surgery and after racing in Levi in early November, Saturday would have been his second race back on the Tour.

by Ana Jelusic with contrubutions by FISI