Ladies Final Downhill Training Run

29 November 2012 20:00
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LAKE LOUISE, Canada – Today was the ladies final training run before tomorrows opening World Cup Downhill race at Lake Louise tomorrow. Lindsey Vonn did not start on this darker, cloudy day. The flat light didn't seem to faze Marion Rolland of France, who once again took the lead in todays training run with a time of 1:53:94. Right behind her were Daniela Merighetti with a time of 1:53:12 and Anna Fenninger with a time of 1:53:35.

The flat light and dusting of new snow was seen as good practice in preparation for variable conditions this weekend on race day.


Regina Sterz who has had consistently fast times is happy with the preparation of the track. “The track is very good. The slope is not bumpy but the snow is everyday different. Yesterday was more aggressive than today and today I think that it's more difficult to get the right feeling.”


Chemmy Alcott, who is returning from injury, thinks that today's conditions are a great preparation for the races this weekend. “I think it's almost better for us that this training run was quite dark and the snow was coming because the forecast for the weekend is like this and sometimes you have to adapt with how you ski, you can't really attack it so much, you have to feel more. It's perfect to get a training run in today to test that so that come race day it's not so foreign. Ideally we ski bluebird everyday but it's good practice to not.”


The training runs have been interesting but very hard to gain any real predictions for race day as most of the athletes are really just feeling out the snow, getting comfortable with variable conditions, and selecting the perfect equipment for the big day tomorrow! Tune in tomorrow for the first ladies Downhill world cup race of the season!

Results can be found here.


By Anna Goodman