Lake Louise ladies Downhill Training Run

27 November 2012 22:53
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photo (21) -

LAKE LOUISE, Canada – The ladies speed season has officially kicked off. Today's first downhill training run in Lake Louise saw awesome conditions and gave a few clues as to how the race may go. It's important to remember that during training runs, athletes often stand up before the finish, or take it easy in order to get a feel for the course before really push their speed and line limits on race day.


One thing that's obvious is that Lindsey Vonn, last year's queen of Lake Louise, is feeling better! She showed that she still owns this hill, leading the training run by almost a second over Maria Hoefl-Riesch. Her twitter response also reflected her more energetic spirit: “Had so much fun in the downhill training run today!!” Hoefl-Riesch has also been very strong in Lake Louise over the past few seasons and will pushing hard to catch Vonn. Tina Maze, with last weeks double podium performance, proved that she too is gunning for the top spot and finished the first training run in seventh position. “Great slope in Lake Louise. I had Fun!” Dominique Gisin completed the training in third spot and was very pleased with the track and her skiing: “happy with first training here... slope is aggressive but soooo smooth...beautiful!” Also, a huge welcome back to Chemmy Alcott on her return to racing! Her fun and bubbly attitude shined on her facebook comments: “What an insanely MOMENTOUS day!”


Beautiful scenery and a smooth track obviously makes the ladies tour very happy and excited to kick off the speed season! The training run had the usual Lake Louise contenders close to the top spot; the question is who's going to pounce on race day? The interesting thing about downhill training runs is that they are training runs. Some of the ladies are race horses who perform their best only on race day, some of the ladies are amazing at training and lose their fire on race day, and some stay consistant throughout both racing and training.

Today's top ten:  

1 VONN Lindsey USA   1:52.10    

2 HOEFL-RIESCH Maria GER   1:53.05    

3 GISIN Dominique    1:53.41    

4 FANCHINI Elena ITA   1:53.42    

5 STERZ Regina AUT   1:53.69    

6 SCHMIDHOFER Nicole AUT   1:53.74    

7 MAZE Tina SLO   1:53.90    

8 COOK Stacey USA   1:53.91    

9 MANCUSO Julia USA   1:53.92    

10 MOSER Stefanie AUT   1:54.14  

10 MERIGHETTI Daniela ITA   1:54.14


By: Anna Goodman

Photo by: Marie-Pier Prefontaine