Ligety in a league of his own

02 February 2014 10:38
Ligety in his usual spot
Ligety in his usual spot -

ST. MORITZ, Switzerland – All the hard work put into preparing the course over the last couple of days paid off this morning as the first racer left the starting gate as scheduled.

Still, it was for from an easy day on the slope – light snowfall, low visibility and some fog challenged the patience of the Organizer and troubled skiers.

Still, Ted Ligety was able to ski what seemed like a perfect run and finished his run far ahead of the rest of the field. No one managed to get close to him as second ranked Alexis Pinturault and third ranked Marcel Hirscher clocked respectively times 1.28 and 1.43 seconds slower than Ligety’s.

“It was a tough course, it’s flat light all the way down and especially in the lower section the snow is braking into little balls that you can’t see,” Ligety commented.

It certainly won’t be an easy second run as more and more snow keeps coming down and conditions might not improve much. Will Ligety’s time difference be enough to secure him his third GS victory this season? Find out at 13.30 CET!