Lizeroux to miss next season

11 June 2011 09:13

The French slalom skier Julien Lizeroux (31) will miss next season. After ending the 2010/11 season prematurely due to knee problems which required an operation, a new MRI this week showed that another operation is necessary.

Lizeroux said: "After a break for two months, (from mid February to mid April), I had an MRI on April 13 that showed a partial avulsion of my quadriceps tendon (above the kneecap). I've been in therapy during the month of May to try to avoid surgery. I redid an MRI on Monday, June 6, which showed no positive trend compared to previous images. After a visit to the doctor's, I decided to have surgery Monday, June 20 at the hospital of Lyon Mermoz. It will be a major operation that will involve re-attaching the tendon on the patella, and enhancement of the muscle."

Lizeroux expects a long recovery period, including two months on crutches followed by two months of rehab. He believes to be able to begin physical training again four months after the operation with serious training only possible after seven months. As a result he does not plan on competing next season but hopes to  be back on the top level for the season 2012/13.