Marcel Hirscher: " I’m still working on the perfect turn – from race to race"

24 June 2014 16:35
Marcel Hirscher - Lenzerheide
Marcel Hirscher - Lenzerheide -
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Marcel Hirscher hardly needs an introduction as his three Overall titles, three discipline titles (2x SL 1xGS), 23 World Cup Victories (9 GS, 13 SL, 1 City Event), two World Championships medals (SL gold, GS silver) and one Olympic one (Sochi SL Silver) speak for themselves and have earned him the status of one of the most well known skiers in the world.

Hirscher took a few minutes out of his busy summer schedule to do a quick Q&A with us.

Another very successful season is behind you, how did you celebrate and were you able to take some time off before starting to get ready for next season?

 Celebrations weren’t that spectacular. After a long season I put a lot of emphasis on spending time with family, friends and girlfriend. But of course I had my parties, some holidays and quality time to reload.

You mentioned in many interviews that you are not a machine, yet your results place you consistently at the top of the rankings. How do you keep up with the World Cup pace and what do you do to recharge your batteries between races?

Stay focused on my goals is an everyday job. I’m in a pretty good shape and haven’t peaked so far. I’m still working on the perfect turn – from race to race.

On Social Media you often share photos of various activities, what's your favorite "free time" one?

Most of the activities I post are my favorites. Motocross, kayaking, slacklining… I enjoy all of them. And I’m in the fortunate position to also mention skiing among those activities. I might put it last but not least – it’s a profession and a passion at the same time.

In your mind, when does one season end and the next one start? How has training been going so far and is there anything in particular you are focusing on this summer?

For me the new season starts the day after the World Cup Finals. The trick is for training to be a good balance between hard work and fun. In recent years I learned a lot, and now I can say that I know my body very well. Training focuses over the summer are of course top secret. ;-) 

There are a few months left before next season starts, what are your plans both on and off the slopes? 

In general priority is off the slopes: relax, hang out with friends, BBQ, beachtime – chillout-mode. On the slopes I’m planning a training camp in South America again and will use all the opportunities at home for optimal preparation.

Olympic medalist, World Champion, Overall winner all by the age of 25. Which achievements you would still like to add to this list in the future?

I’m not the list-making type of guy. I want to enjoy skiing and have fun. This aim is difficult enough and honestly I didn’t achieve it consistently last season… also it shouldn‘t be too easy for us rookies. ;-) 

The last World Championships were held at home for you and the pressure was extremely high, how will the ones in Vail/Beaver Creek be different for you and are you looking forward to experiencing them without as much pressure?

In times of Internet and TV, the venue where the World Championships are held doesn’t matter that much I think. But maybe the rush will be less obvious in the US. I’m going to find that out soon. Eventually pressure is always present in competitive sports so what I do is making sure to keep pressure and motivation closely allied here. And of course I’m looking forward to racing in Vail/Beaver Creek.