Maria PH: "Want to be at 100% at the Games"

30 April 2013 12:57
Maria Pietilä Holmner
Maria Pietilä Holmner -

Swedish tech star Maria Pietilä Holmner had an operation on her shoulder on Thursday last week. She will now have her arm in a sling for four weeks but everything is going according to the plan.

"The operation was mostly a preventive measure. It hurt every now and then during the winter and now I will avoid the pain and worry in case I fall or hit something. It is an Olympic season and I want to be at 100% in Sochi," says Maria Pietilä Holmner.

It was her left shoulder that was operated on and all went rapidly and well. The connective tissue that holds the upper arm in place was attached more securely and the joint capsule around was tightened.

"I had a lot of pain in the first days but it is better now. On Monday I was able to start training again, some cycling and legs although I have to take it easy until the stitches are out in two weeks," says Maria PH.

After four weeks with the arm in a sling she can recommence proper training and load whilst the rehab continues for the shoulder to regain its strength and flexibility.

The spring has otherwise been very intensive for the Swedish ladies' team with several training camps. One more snow camp is planned in Åre from 3–6th Mai but Maria will skip that. The first on snow camp during the Olympic season will take please in early August and Maria plans to be fit and ready to ski normally there.

"Now that it is no longer hurting I am feeling a bit restless but it is nice that I had a chance to ski so much and hard before the op. We did it on purpose that way since I will need to rest now and then will start with conditioning afterwards before returning on snow in August."