Mauro Pini is Tina Maze new coach

08 January 2014 16:39
Team to aMaze with Pini
Team to aMaze with Pini -

The former head coach of the ladies Swiss ski team was hired by World Cup champion Tina Maze of Slovenia until the end of the season. The information was reported earlier today by RSI, the Swiss Italian TV channel. Her collaboration with the Italian coach Walter Ronconi has hence come to an end, less than one year after they started working together.

With the Olympic Winter Games just around the corner, Tina Maze is in an urgent need to find solutions to the technical difficulties she has encountered since the beginning of the season and thinks the 49-year-old Swiss Italian coach can help her achieve her Olympic goals. Tina Mazue currently “only” sits in sixth place in the overall standings, 162 points behind the leader Germany's Maria Höfl-Riesch.

This will not be Mauro Pini's first experience as a coach in a private structure since he was the personal coach of Maria Rienda Contreras and Lara Gut in the past before joining Swiss-Ski in 2009. He left Swiss-Ski in march 2012 and has worked amongst other things as a consultant for RSI since then.

Please find bellow the official statement of Andrea Massi regarding the trainer change in Team to Amaze:

»Everything inside the team is happening because of, and around the athlete because the priority are the things she needs for a result. Maybe my decision in spring was wrong,  but not because Walter Ronconi is a bad trainer, but because he was not suitable for a team like ours and for the goals we have set. Walter also agreed that something needed to be done, therefore the decision was mutual. Maybe we are a very progressive team in our thinking, since we behave like in other sports where they replace the trainers when changes are necessary. This is a normal process in sport. Mauro Pini, who I know for a long time, since we’ve been cooperating when he was working in Lara Gut’s team, is the new trainer, which doesn’t need any special introduction because he’s a big name in ski sports. He’s a man with knowledge in all the areas, which are necessary for top skiing and also has an outstanding knowledge in technical area. Today he was on the course with Tina for the first time. She reacted well and I too have immediately felt  good energy. Today we’ve made a speed event and slalom training, where Tina has put herself in the right position right away, which is a proof that she trusts the trainer. I can also say that Mauro and I have already worked in synergy in today’s downhill training.«