Mauro Pini won't continue to coach Team to aMaze

16 April 2014 17:37
Tina Maze attacking the Olympic GS course
Tina Maze attacking the Olympic GS course -
Agence Zoom

It has been announced today that Mauro Pini, who has been coaching Tina Maze the last three months and who helped her win two Olympic gold medals in Sochi this February, will not continue his work with Team to aMaze. 

“It was my decision,” said Pini regarding his departure from the team. “Tina wanted me to stay. But for me it was clear from the beginning that this should be only a temporary commitment for me. It’s only a personal situation, a life choice of prioritizing other things in life.”

Pini was only contracted through the end of the 2014 season and has already announced that he would not be prolonging the contract and has already returned to the job he had before joining Maze’s team in January.

“I took the job with Sochi in mind and it has been a beautiful experience that led to two gold Olympic medals but even when I started with Tina, I didn’t think further than the end of the season and therefore my task with the team ends here. For now there are no further plans to keep working in skiing and I’m back at the workplace I left at the end of last year,” Pini told the Swiss Italian radio station RSI.

There has been a lot of shuffling in Team to aMaze already as Maze’s coach in 2013, Livio Magoni, departed at the end of last season to take over the Italian women’s team. He was replaced by Walter Ronconi, who Maze dismissed in the middle of the season and replaced with Pini. However, Maze’s boyfriend, Andrea Massi, remains head coach and team manager, and he informed the press that they do not yet have a known replacement for Pini heading into the 2014-15 season.