Max Franz leads first downhill training of the season

21 November 2012 20:09
Max Franz in Lake Louise
Max Franz in Lake Louise -

LAKE LOUISE, Canada – Despite the worries that the history might repeat itself and that as last year the first downhill training of the season might not happen, everything went according to plan in Lake Louse on Wednesday morning.

The snowfalls over the past couple of days left their toll on the racecourse and there was a consensus on the conditions in the finish area – soft and slow.

Max Franz from Austria managed to be the least slow of all, with a time of 1 minute 50.65 he walked away from the first training 0.37 seconds ahead of teammate and last year’s discipline title winner Klaus Kroell. Third fastest in today’s training, .87, behind Franz, was Adrien Theaux who seems to appreciate the slope as he was third in last year’s super G in Lake Louise. Home favorite Erik Guay finished in fourth.

“I am happy with my run, it’s soft and it felt slow but I seem to have found a good line down. It’s only the first training and there is a while to go until we race on Saturday,” Franz said.

Theaux had a good preparation period and didn’t seem to be bothered by the conditions.

“We trained in Ushuaia where conditions were good to Portillo where there was hardly any snow. It’s funny to come here and have as much, but this is Lake Louise and I guess it wouldn’t be normal if it were any different,” the French skier said.

Joking with his teammate Johan Clarey who finished ninth today, Theaux seemed to appreciate the easy start of the speed season.

“Even though it might get bumpy for higher numbers, for us starting at the front it was easy – the speed was not to high which is not necessarily a bad thing for the first training. As long as this is not as fast as I will go…”

As it’s common during first trainings, today’s results might not necessarily reflect what we will see happening on race days. A lot of skiers chose to stand up well before the finish line, influencing their final times.

The weather forecast calls for a clear sky and favorable temperatures thought the night during tomorrow’s second training which hopefully will help the surface on the race course get more compact, something all racers are looking forward to.

Second training is scheduled for 11.30 local time (19.30 CET), stay tuned for the developments as things will be heating up before the first race on Saturday.

Full results from today’s training run are here.

by Ana Jelusic