Moelgg fanclub celebrate with the stars

21 April 2009 23:00

The Moelgg brothers held their annual Fanclub celebrations last Saturday at San Vigilio di Marebbe with many other skiers of the Italian National team also present as well as some honorary guests.

The Fanclub party is an event that reunites the numerous fans of Manuela and Manfred after the season is over and even this year the celebrations were a roaring success.

Manfred and Manuela were also joined by fellow team mates Christof Innerhofer, Werner Heel, Patrick Thaler, Christian Deville, Florian Eisath and Johanna Schnarf as well as ex champion Peter Runggaldier and the snowboarder Meinhard Erlacher.

The party featured a projection of the highlights from this past season followed by the usual lottery to raise funds for charity. This year two cheques for a 1000 euro each were handed over to the Peter Pan Association (that aids children with cancer) and the Cystic Fibrosis Association of Alto Adige, a charity for which the Moelgg siblings provided support as testimonials last year. The cheques were handed over to Dr Stirner Brantch and Wilma Andergassen, representing their respective organisations.