St. Moritz: Back on home snow - good atmosphere among the Swiss girls!

06 December 2012 23:13
Dominique Gisin
Dominique Gisin -

After the North American races, the Swiss ladies team is now back on home soil, excited to be racing in the center of the Alps again. Cheering fans, friends and family members will be joining them on-site. “It’s more motivation than pressure”, said Fabienne Suter who injured her knee in last year’s super combined in St. Moritz and had to undergo a surgery followed by months of rehab. “I am more focusing on my positive results I have achieved here instead of thinking about my injury. I especially enjoy the family atmosphere.”

A large amount of fresh snowfall welcomed the ladies team in Eastern Switzerland after still being a little “jetlagged”. “The snow, here is rather different from the one in North America and is more aggressive. It takes a little to adapt to both, European time and the snow conditions”, acknowledged Dominique Gisin, currently 6th in the overall World Cup ranking. I am not yet at the same level as in the technical events but it will be a good boost to race all three competitions this weekend, here in the Engadin, my second home”, she added. Lara Gut who was born in St. Moritz underlined “this type of snow conditions suits me better and I’m hoping for much better results here on my home grounds. After a season of ups and downs last year, I am more motivated than ever to ski as fast as I can.”

Marianne Kaufmann-Abderhalden who finished third in in Lake Louise and had not seen the podium since 2010 still happily took on gratulations in the Swiss Ski media meeting on the day prior to the races.

Overall, the Swiss ladies team has been satisfied with its season’s start and believes its best chances of win will be in Saturday’s Super G.