Murisier, Gini need operations

01 October 2011 07:46

Justin Murisier, who tore his right ACL last week while playing football, was operated on in Martigny last Wednesday. The 19-year-old commented after the successful operation: "I noticed immediately that something was not right with my knee, I just did not know what exactly. You could hear it cracking." The diagnosis ACL tear was soon clear and an operation necessary.

Murisier has already began with rehab and will conduct a daily routine for the next several months. He is planning to go to Australia on a language course in January. "Then I will be far away from the ski circus and can concentrate on something totally different for a while," he said.

Besides Murisier and Ralf Kreuzer who also will miss the entire season and are expected to return to skiing only in April, Marc Gini is another athlete struggling with long-term knee problems. He is going to be undergoing an arthroscopic operation next week Wednesday. At the moment the slalom specialist Gini can only train to a very limited extent, mostly on the bike. He has not been able to ski since several weeks because of the pain.

Source: Swiss-Ski