15 questions to the Swedish ladies alpine team at the trainings camp

24 August 2010 09:00

The Swedish Alpine ladies are currently engaged with skiing, cooking, and counting sheep in New Zealand.

Here are the most honest (?) responses to a selection of wonderful questions:

Where in the world do you find snow now?
Coronet Peak, New Zealand

Who is there?
Rider: Jessica Lindell Vikarby, Maria Pietilä Holmner, Anja Paerson, Kajsa Kling, trainer: Thomas Sjödin, Mikael Lind Jung, Florian Winkler. Serviceman: Thomas Rehm and Loyze, and 66 million sheep.

How is the snow?
Good as hell, fully winter

Are all healthy and strong?
I am 100 percent healthy!

How is the training going?
World-class, incredibly good with full super-G and giant slalom runs before winter and 1 minute super-G runs, very good!

How's the food?
We cook all the food ourselves, so it might not be world class. We mix everything with vedgemite that makes you strong.

How many gates do you carry up and down the hill every day?
Around 2000, when there are long slopes.

What does a day of rest look?
Cooking to prepare the next day, counting sheep and playing didgeredoe.

What is the funniest adventures / activity you devoted yourself to other than skiing?
Just go skiing and exercise

Who has forgotten the most important thing and where and when was that?

Who had the hottest tan lines after 'vacation'?
I had not vacation.

What is the craziest that happened during camp?
Kate disappeared for a while. The fact that one of the buses crashed with another one and the big storm forced 1200 people to stay on the mountain overnight. We were lucky and came down with a 10-minute margin ....