Razzoli and Nordica to part ways

11 December 2012 21:20
Giuliano Razzoli
Giuliano Razzoli -

Four seasons together, one gold Olympic medal, seven World Cup podiums, two World Cup victories is the summary of the collaboration between Italian Slalom champion Giuliano Razzoli and Nordica. As of the next race, the two will head separate ways, ending the four years long cooperation. The change of material comes as a result of different views regarding the development of materials, as Razzoli had been using both Nordica skis and ski boots.

“With the Val d’Isere race my wonderful cooperation with Nordica, the whole staff and the Zanatta family comes to an end. Over the years a relationship based on business but also on mutual respect and friendship has been created and I would like to thank Nordica for all the work we have done together and all the great goals we have achieved. I also wish them a lot of success in the future. It has been a difficult decision, but also a necessary one in order to shake me up a bit and better focus on future objectives. As one great adventure comes to an end, there is always a new one to be started,” Razzoli said.

The Nordica and Tecnica teams wish Razzoli good luck for the continuation of the season.