Sandell breaks hand

19 October 2012 16:13
Marcus Sandell
Marcus Sandell -

Finnish racer Marcus Sandell's preparations for the Sölden World Cup Opening just became a bit more complicated after he crashed into a gate in Hintertux on Thursday. An x-ray examination in Helsinki Friday revealed that he fractured his third metacarpal bone in the right hand.

The operation is set for Tuesday after Sölden so that Sandell can race in the season opening.

"We will put in a screw in the operation so the hand will hold out the season. We will need some special tricks for Sölden. A brace, tape, protection and anasthesis shot but racing should be just fine since most work will be done with the legs," said Sandell and added:

"I will have some problems at the start because it is a bit flat and you need to use your poles. Probably will be painful there but skiing should be fine." 

Sandell sustained the injury in a normal training run while training GS as he hit the hand at the base of a gate.

"It was a normal GS turn, when I hit the hand at the base of the gate and that was it. It hit me from the side so there was no padding in the globe."

Recovery from operation is expected to take 6 weeks and Sandell should be able to begin to train a week after the surgery.