Sara Hector on the mend

28 September 2012 17:20
Sara Hector
Sara Hector -

Sara Hector is a Swedish future talent who's won three medals at the Junior World Ski Championships. After a bronze in slalom in 2010 and gold in GS in 2011, she took silver in the GS in Roccaraso 2012 and finished 6th in the slalom. Now, being injured in the middle of pre-season training was not what Sarah Hector was planning on for this autumn, but she keeps fighting and hopes to be back on the snow in a few weeks.

"I miss skiing already," she says.

Sara crashed in downhill training in Zermatt some one and a half weeks ago. She scraped up her face and stretched a ligament in her right knee. She was estimated to miss 4-6 weeks of skiing.

"The face looks better and better every day. The knee still hurts but I hope to ski again as soon as possible," she says, really longing for the training pistes.

"First day at home, I was so sad. I did not think I'd be so bored. I could not watch TV or use the computer in case I had a concussion and I was home alone. Day after day it got better and then I started to train a little on my own. But it's tough. I'm not used to being hurt."

The young alpine talent has never been hurt before, and it is so clearly a change for her but also a valuable experience.

"I've had to come up with alternative training options. The first week I rode with one leg but now I can cycle with both. So I can now train on the bike and I've got a rehab program. I have done some core strength and try to train mentally, kind of ski in my head. It is pretty good. I stand on the floor, close my eyes, make some movement with my knees and think that I'm on the slope. It actually feels like you can do some technique training that way too."

Sara has also had time to meet with physiotherapist Britta Kockum at Bosön and just returned from a camp with the Swedish Olympic Committee, SOC, for candidates for the top talent program, for which she has been selected along with teammates Nathalie Eklund, Anna Swenn-Larsson and Emelie Wikstrom.

"It was good. We received information about what happens when you are on the top. What opportunities we have in terms of medical guidance and so and then there was a session to help you think whether you're really investing one hundred percent or whether you can do more."

Is there anything you feel you could improve?

"Yes, I would need to stretch more and then there's liquid. I'm bad at drinking enough."

Source: SSF