Simoncelli makes first step in the right direction

30 October 2012 14:52
Simoncelli Soelden
Simoncelli Soelden -

One hundred and twenty six days after crashing during a training run on the Les DeuAlpes glacier, during which he suffered an abdominal trauma and a perforation of the intestine, Davide Simoncelli surprised everyone by not only showing up for the Season Opening race in Soelden this past Sunday, but by skiing a great firs run which had him in 16th position going into the second one. With only some 15 days of training in his legs after the surgery, that’s quite an achievement.

“I think that just the fact that I was able to race today is comparable to a victory,” Simoncelli explained. “After all that happened to me we had absolutely no idea of how long it would take me to rehab and get back to my old self but I tried to do my best in the recovery phase just after the surgery and it seems to have paid off.”

While Simoncelli might not be back to his full power just yet, his first run in Soelden gives him hope for the rest of the season. “I have only skied some 15 days so far, and the weeks prior to Soelden conditions were not great, it was really soft. So, coming to the race felt a little like going back to school without having done my homework properly. I felt good on the course, and my body feels fine but I definitely have some more work to do to be 100% where I was before my crash.”

Very few thought that so soon after the surgery he would be back fit enough to handle a challenging slope like the one in Soelden, but Simoncelli proved them all wrong.

“I was definitely full of doubts before the race, but I also knew that whichever way things went, I wouldn’t be throwing away anything – I had to try! Knowing that there is an extra month until the next race in Beaver Creek helped me stay serene no matter the outcome of the one in Soelden.”

In the second run Simoncelli suffered the bad visibility, his ski got caught in a rut and without even having the time to react, he was thrown out of the course and the race was unfortunately over for him half the way down. He was able to look at the crash from a positive angle.

“Obviously it would have been better to finish the race and find out where I stand, but I want to look at it in a positive way – I crashed and I walked away unhurt. It is a good lesson after all that happened, a reminder that not every time you fall you end up with a serious injury.”

We wish Davide all the best on his road to full recovery!

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