Ski Austria men getting in shape in the boxing ring

21 June 2011 13:28

As part of a four-day training camp in Wörgl (Tyrol) all Austrian men's three World Cup training groups are not just training in the gym or riding their bikes. Rather the focus of the training program is on intensive boxing workouts with the coaches from the Austrian Boxing Federation. 

Manfred Pranger commented: "Boxing requires a lot of coordination and fast feet. And of course you cannot forget to cover your bases. I got a 'straight' in my face and that hurts more than if you got a gate right in your face.“

Marcel Hischer added: "We skiers think always that we have very agile feet but they showed us better today. Boxer do it much better than us. But it was good fun in any case.“

Klaus Kröll agreed: "Boxing is really streneous. I did not know that three minutes can be that long. At times I watch boxing on TV - you could not believe how hard it truly is. “

Wolfgang Hörl injured

Wolfgang Hörl injured his right wrist in one of the boxing training units yesterday. He can only train on a limited schedule for the next 4-6 weeks.

All photos Erich Spiess