Suboptimal start in the season for some athletes

06 September 2016 14:50
Elena Curtoni
Elena Curtoni -
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As the teams are training all over the world, some unlucky athletes already got injured and are about to miss important training weeks, or worse, sit out for the rest of the season. We wish them a quick and full rehabilitation, and hope to see them back on the snow soon.

Elena Curtoni (06.08)
Elena Curtoni had to leave Ushuaia (CHI), where she was on a training camp with the Italian team, because of an upper leg injury. It looks like a second degree muscular injury, but the 25 year-old flew back to Italy for further examination, to determine the cause and the exact nature of the injury, and to know how long she’ll have to stay off the ski slopes.

Mirjam Puchner (30.08)
The Austrian ladies team went to Chile without St. Moritz winner Mirjam Puchner. The speed specialist needs to give time to her swollen hip to heal before she can ski 100%. This is why she decided to start the ski training in October.

Mauro Caviezel (27.08)
The unlucky Swiss ski racer Mauro Caviezel suffered a hand injury. The crash, that caused the injury at the left hand, happened during a Super-G training in Zermatt, and the 27 year-old was transferred to an hospital to get surgery right away. He won’t be able to attend the ski trainings in the next few weeks, but should be back in shape before the season.

Michaela Kirchgasser (22.08)
The consequences of Michaela Kirchgasser’s fall from a slackline during a coordination training didn’t seem too serious in the first place, but after her first ski training, the pain was too strong and the Austrian - who finished 3rd of the Alpine Combined ranking last season – has to take a 3-week-break. She will miss the oversea training in Chile.

Thomas Mermillod-Blondin (22.08)
It’s a femoral muscle injury that prevented Alpine Combined Ace Thomas Mermillod-Blondin to continue his training in Cerro Castor (ARG) with the French speed team. He flew back home to take care of his leg and should be back on the snow soon.

Elisabeth Reisinger (22.08)
Austria’s Elisabeth Reisinger injured her knee (ACL and meniscus) during a GS-training in Saas-Fee and will sit out the 2016/17 season.