Successful knee operation for Kathrin Zettel

12 May 2012 11:16
Kathrin Zettel
Kathrin Zettel -

Kathrin Zettel was diagnosed with a tear in  her outer meniscus at the beginning of the week by team doctor Dr. Christian Fink and was succesfully operated at the Hochrum Clinic on Friday.

"The small tear in the outer meniscus was fixed arthroscopically on Friday. The cartilage shows some minimal known changes on the outer side but those should not have an impact on performance. Kathrin should recover from the operation fast and can begin with training after a week of rest. Concerning her hip, an operation does not seem necessary at the time," commented Dr Fink.

"The operation went well and I am doing well! The meniscus damage could be repaired and the cartilage was intact so it did not require an operation,“said Kathrin Zettel happily after the operation. 

"I am happy that Kathrin's knee problems should be corrected after this operation,“ reacted ladies' head coach Herbert Mandl. "The knee operation should take care of her pain there. Meanwhile we must continue to observe her hip."