Summer catch up with Resi Stiegler

10 September 2013 13:39
Resi Stiegler
Resi Stiegler -

Q: How has this summer been for you so far? 

Resi Stiegler: My summer has been great. I did lots of training, working out and focusing on strength since this is a big year. I always enjoy summer and spending as much time outside in the mountains or in the water. 

Q: You seem to spend most of the off season in Hawaii, what makes that place so special and does it come as a good break from the mountains you spend your winters at?

RS: I spend my off time in Maui, Hawaii, but my base is in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where I was born and raised. I love the mountains too much to be away for too long and with all the lakes and the hiking and camping, summer is my favorite time in Jackson. Maui on the other hand is such a treat for me. To be able to spend time there is amazing. To be in the salt water and the sun, to try new sports and enjoy a different lifestyle is great. I’m a lucky girl to be able to split my time between such amazing places. 

Q: You recently became godmother to Sarah Schleper's baby daughter, which was also named after you. How does it feel to receive such an honor and responsibility?

RS: I am so honored to be baby Resi’s godmother. Sarah is such an amazing women. She is so brave and accomplished and such a great mom. I feel so lucky to have her as my best friend and to be able to now share some even greater memories with baby Resi. She is such a sweet little thing and I am fortunate to be part of her life. I love her so much! 

Q: Are you mainly training with the rest of the team?

RS: I actually skipped the camp they did in Mammoth. I have been focusing on getting stronger and fixing some alignment issues that have resulted in some very uncomfortable back pain. It was better to skip the early camp and focus on my back so that I could attend the other camps and be stronger and healthy.

We are in New Zealand now and things are going pretty well. My main focus for this camp is introducing different snow conditions and working on the little mistakes. 

Q: You had a few rough seasons filled with injuries, are you finally healthy and ready to climb the rankings next year?

RS: I had way too many rough seasons so all I can do is focus on getting stronger and training harder so that I won't be in the position to get injured and hopefully a little good luck will come my way. This might allow me to get back into the top ranking where I feel I can be. It’s not easy but I do love skiing so much and I believe in myself a lot. I know what it takes, I know there is a lot you have to give up and you have to push yourself through and I enjoy doing that. 

Q: What will be your main focus and what are your goals in the Olympic season?

RS: Since getting injured I have lost my rankings so it’s important to start off strong and get back into the top 15. Once there you can compete at a top level. This is the first year in a while that I have made it to preparation season healthy so I think that will be a big help and will hopefully put me in the right spot for the beginning of the World Cups. 

Q: What do you enjoy doing the most when you are not skiing or training?

RS: I am obsessed with the wilderness and being outside exploring. I could spend days in the mountains being with nature and diving into lakes and rivers. Obviously we have lots of training to do so that doesn't leave us much free time but I am always working on some project that involves art, photography, fashion and putting good ideas to use.  

Q: You witnessed first hand Mikaela Shiffrin’s insane season last year, what can one learn from a teammate like her?

RS: Its incredible to be able to have a teammate that is good let alone one that is the best in the world. She is awesome to watch and learn from. I enjoy learning from her and watching all the new stuff being created. It’s also great because I always know where I stand, if I am working hard enough and if I am fast. It’s really perfect to have a teammate that good! 

Q: What are your plans for the rest of the summer? 

RS: I am in New Zealand right now for a couple more weeks, then Maui then Jackson and a week in Park City for some training before we take off to Chile. From here on it’s pretty much on the road, as you know. I am really excited to get the season going. Normally it’s hard for me to let summer go but I think with such an exciting year ahead its really something I’m looking forward to... I can’t wait to get back to the white circus!