5 summer questions to Jessica Lindell Vikerby

08 August 2011 20:50

The Swedish ski racer Jessica Lindell Vikarby provides some insight into her summer.

1. What are for you the best and worst things about summer?

– The best thing is that I can be in full control of my own time and meet family and friends more than normally. The worst thing is that summer always goes by too fast...

2. How are your training and preparations for the winter looking like right now?

– I am training at about the same volume as last year with focus on improving my oxygen intake and explosiveness which means quite some interval running and bouncing, together with weight training for explosive strength.

3. What is your summer highlight?

– I already went to Greece for a week when I had my holidays (just relaxing) and after that I travelled to New York with my boyfriend for a weekend, so now I am just hanging out in Sweden and as a new owner of a motorboat, I look forward to beautiful days in Stockholm's archipelago.  =)

4. What are you most looking forward to during next season?

– Skiing even more giant slalom!

5. And finally four quickies:


… summer song: It is really interesting to listen to other people's different experiences and life in summer chats!

… bathing sport: Svärföräldrarna countryhouse outside of Karlstad, peaceful and quiet with a lot of forest and warm water because it is a lake.

… grill food: Entrecote and Halloumi cheese with a tasty salad

… summer read: Mari Jungsted "den dubbla tystnaden" (the double silence)