Summer Training: Who, where and when

12 August 2014 13:00
Ushuaia -

August usually marks the time of the year when training on snow intensifies for most teams and while some opt to train on the various European glaciers, most make a move to the Southern Hemisphere in search for the most winter-like conditions. Some use Argentina as their base, others prefer the opportunities Chile offers for training speed while others fly all the way out to New Zealand chasing the best possible snow conditions.

Here is an overview to help you keep track of who is where this summer.

The US teams, including Mikaela Shiffrin, Julia Mancuso, Ted Ligety and Bode Miller have been trying to train in New Zealand. However, they faced some struggles, as the weather conditions were less than ideal some days. The US speed teams are getting ready to go for training in South America soon.

Tina Maze chose Ushuaia, Argentina as her first South American stop. As in the previous seasons, Maze is training with her private team but has been recently by the rest of the Slovenian ladies – Ilka Stuhec, Ana Drev, Marusa Ferk, Katarina Lavtar, Ana Bucik and Tina Robnik. Maze usually moves from Argentina to Chile to focus on the speed disciplines.

The French tech guys have been in Ushuaia since August 5th and will be training in Tierra del Fuego until September 1st. The ladies’ team who will be there from August 19th to September 12th will soon join them. The men’s speed team will be training in La Parva and Valle Nevado from August 21st to September 18th, while the ladies’ speed team will train in El Colorado and La Parva, Chile from September 5th to September 27th.

From mid-August, Germans Viktoria Rebensburg, Veronique Hronek, Marina Wallner, Simona Hoesl, Patrizia Dorsch, Ann Katrin Magg, Ronja Mayr and Michaela Wenig will be training at the Termas de Chillán, in Chile while Felix Neureuther is currently skiing in Zermatt.

This week the Austrian ladies’ technical team is headed to Wanaka, New Zealand but will be travelling without Marlies Schild, who has still hasn’t confirmed her plans for the future, and Kathrin Zettel who opted to avoid the long trip to keep under control her knees and back. They will be returning on September 10th. The speed ladies plan to fly to South America while their male counterparts are scheduled to train in Portillo and Valle Nevado, Chile from August 15. The technical teams, including Marcel Hirscher will be in Ushuaia from August 22nd.

The Norwegian ladies’ team is currently training in New Zealand while the men have been spending some days on the Passo Stelvio glacier in Italy.

Lara Gut and her private team recently moved to an apartment in Zermatt and will be training there for the next two months.

The first Italian teams to travel to Ushaia in late August will be the giant slalom guys. Federica Brignone and Nadia Fanchini will be the first Italian ladies to head south and will train with the speed team for about a week once they arrive on September 9th. The speed guys will spend almost a month in Argentina between September and October while the slalom teams (men and some ladies) will stay in Europe and train on the glaciers. European will also be the main training places for Irene Curtoni, Manuela Moelgg, Marta Bassino, Nicole Agnelli.

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