Svindal fastest again on the Streif

23 January 2013 12:42
Svindal - Kitzbuehel
Svindal - Kitzbuehel -

KITZBUEHEL, Austria – Under a clear blue sky and in perfect conditions the second scheduled Downhill training on the Streif took place as scheduled. After struggling with tough weather on the first training run, today the finish area was filled with smiling faces.

Aksel Lund Svindal was once again the man to beat as he once again crossed the finish line as the fastest skier. The Norwegian completed his run with a time of 1minute, 57.48 seconds, leaving second ranked Hannes Reichelt 0.25 seconds behind while Slovenian Andrej Sporn had a great run which put him in third place, just over half a second (0.52) behind Svindal.

“This year I keep feeling good in the speed disciplines and these two trainings are no different. But as always, it’s one thing to be fast in the training run and a different one to do the same on race day. That is when everyone gives it a little something extra and you need to find the balance of pushing hard but not making mistakes. Also, the slope is in great shape at the moment but start number might have an impact on the final results on Saturday.”

The Norwegian, who has two Super G podiums on the Streif but no victory acknowledges that his Super G skills might be just a notch superior to his Downhill ones but also that the real Hahnenkamm winner is the winner of the Downhill.

“I would say I have more fun skiing the Super G here as I am a better Super g skier then downhiller but when it comes to winning – it’s the Downhill. The legend in Kitzbuechel is the guy that wins the Downhill race on the Streif so let’s see what happens this weekend.”

Hannes Reichelt arrived in Kitzbuehel after a successful Downhill in Wengen and seems to be keeping his confidence high in these first training days.

“The slope is in great condition, they did an amazing job as the feeling while coming down both my training runs was great. It sure helps that I am bringing a lot of self-confidence from Wengen. It’s ne of the very important factors when you ski the most difficult Downhill in the world. I was able to ski the right line during most of my runs and that’s for sure what you want to do during race day in order to be fast.”

There is one more training scheduled for Thursday and after that it’s show time here in Kitzbuehel.

Toda's results are here.

by Ana Jelusic