Swiss looking for the ideal position

15 June 2012 10:40
Didier Defago wind tunnel
Didier Defago wind tunnel -

Karl Frehsner has been conducting regular wind tunnel testing with ski racers since 1976. He tests the materials and searches for the ideal position. That was also the plan on hist 73rd birthday on Wednesday. The former head coach of the Swiss Alpine team, a native of Austria, does not get tired about putting his enormous expertise to play to benefit the athletes and the younger coaches. Lucky for Swiss-Ski.

This week saw another day of testing take place at RUAG in Emmen (Central Switzerland). Thanks to great support by RUAG and the foundation for Sport and Sport History these tests are made possible. Besides the experienced racers Beat Feuz, Didier Défago and Dominique Gisin many young athletes collected their first experiences in the wind tunnel.

For some the focus was on refining knowledge of the equipment and material while others, especially the young talents, had their emphasis on finding the best position in the heavy wind. "During a race it won't always be possible to find the optimal position in all parts of the course, it is a good experience to know the difference for your speed at 120km/h when your elbows are spread out too far, " commented Frehsner.

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