Tessa Worley back to winning ways in Killington

26 November 2016 21:15
Tessa Worley Killington GS
Tessa Worley Killington GS -
Agence Zoom

France's Tessa Worley proved that determination was a critical factor for victory at the first World Cup race held in the Eastern U.S. in 25 years. The 2013 World Champion in giant slalom skied a courageous first run and powered through the second to claim the top step of the podium ahead of first-run leader Nina Loeseth of Norway who finished 0.80 seconds back. Italy's Sofia Goggia skied to her career-first podium in third, 1.11 seconds off Worley. 

“It’s been long,” Worley noted of her return to the podium for the first time since 2013. “Physically I could feel well. In less than a year after my injury, I felt ... physically 100 percent. The tough part was to get the spirit back of the racing and to be able to give everything.”

Tough snow conditions demanded much of the ladies who did everything within their power to make it to the finish line.

“I didn’t think it was going to be enough even for a podium and thought I was for sure four seconds off,” Loeseth revealed. “I had a few mistakes, but I think everybody did. Everybody felt really bad. I ski on feeling, so I always like to feel good, but sometimes you just have to leave the feelings in the start and just go.” 

The Italian led her team of five who placed in the top 10. 

"I think we are the strongest team in giant slalom – actually – on the World Cup because we were nine girls and just the youngest one did not qualify for the second [run]," Goggia noted of the Italian dominance.

Soelden victor Lara Gut of Switzerland skied out in the first run, but she was very positive about the race atmosphere.

"Usually when we are in the USA, there’s not so many people coming to watch the races,” she said. “Here it’s amazing – so many people, and I was surprised. Yesterday, I had an autograph session. So many kids came around, so many people recognizing me. I feel that people are happy that I was here. So that was cool."