The Insider by Olsson - A Reminder

09 February 2013 06:58
A Reminder
A Reminder -

The first two opening Super G events offered intense and exciting ski racing at its best. Tina Maze showed both her mental and physical strength, by winning an extremely difficult and mentally challenging race while Ted Ligety used his outstanding ability to arc impossible turns and won the race down the icy and bumpy Super G course. 

I haven't skied any of the races this year but what it looked like from a "racer/ spectator" point of view was that these were possibly the most difficult Super G races so far this season. So both of the newly crowned champions are truly worthy holders of the World Champion title! 

What should also be mentioned is, of course, the sad fallouts of two major Championships medal contenders – Vonn and Jansrud. They both suffered serious knee injuries! They will be missed by both the athletes and the Championships itself! 

This is not the first time something like this has happened, but what I know after the first two races and I what I find a bit disappointing is that the amazing achievements of so many athletes are being overshadowed by those injuries.

I know there are a lot of ski fans out there who are really fascinated with the amazing achievements of the racers in the World Champs. What I also know is that the risk of accidents brings a certain excitement to the sport and risk is really necessary to make it popular.

What would skiing be without the crashes, without the injuries, without the pain that you sometimes get to experience through the TV screens? I think it would definitely be a good sport with some interesting tight racing, but (I hate to say "but" at this point) it would not be as popular and intense as it is now, when you know that things could suddenly go very wrong. I know that unfortunately we need the action and the crashes to make this cool sport what it is, but what I really don't want is for the accidents to take over and become a bigger part of the race than the achievements of the racers. 

Lets say I didn't know much about ski racing but I read the newspaper after this weekend. After seeing the pictures of the crashes I would most likely think that this is the World Championships of lunatics and I would also most likely never put my kids in a ski school to grow up and become World Cup Downhillers! 

Even though I felt horrible for Lindsey and Kjetil getting hurt, I also got so inspired and filled with positive energy after watching Tina, Ted and many more perform at their best. I got a real motivation boost to recover as quickly as possible and make my way back to the ski-racing scene again. 

With all this I just want to remind you guys what ski racing is about...

Just as skydiving and base-jumping are all about intense feelings and thrill but not about avoiding death, so ski racing is about the performance and achievement and not about the accidents.