"The ramp is really impressive"

19 November 2009 23:00

Julien Lizeroux (FRA): "It's great to be back. Even though I went out in the first round last year it is really fun for us to return to Moscow. I am not looking for revenge, just to enjoy this time in Moscow with our friends and family. Of course it gets serious when we get up there and are racing but this race is very special for us, including the visit to the Kremlin and the Red Square. This event is so different. And we seldom get to race in a city, maybe Zagreb comes close to this one but still it is no comparison. This event is also great promotion for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games in just four years' time.

I have seen the ramp and it is even bigger and longer this year than it was last year. They still have quite a bit to do to finish the preparations on the slope so let's see how it will be."

Sandrine Aubert (FRA): "I have been waiting for this opportunity to race here in Moscow since I saw the men competing here in January. It is great that the women are included here this time.

For me this event is like a game where we do not know the rules. I really like games like this. I cannot wait to get up there and see what comes next. I am excited to race here. We train for so many months a year so this is a really valuable opportunity to race. I need this feeling of adrenaline and excitement of racing. Maybe I will be tired when I get to Aspen but it will be well worth it."

Maria Riesch (GER): "The ramp is really impressive. I am looking forward to the race and also to the visit at the Kremlin. I am feeling very positive about being here."

Jean-Baptiste Grange (FRA): "I am very pleased to be back here. I was the runner-up last year so it will be great to compete here again. The new ramp is bigger and now has two rolls, as opposed to just one last year so it will be quite a challenge to race. You might be thrown back after the compression."

Reinfriend Herbst (AUT): "It is like racing in a tube. You have high red fences to the right and left of yourself. It is a 35 meters wide and it seems brutally steep. It is really a special feeling."

Marcel Hirscher (AUT): "I was never in Moscow before. It seems like a cool city. I know it is the future of the ski sports: big events in big cities."