On the road to recovery- Q&A with Manuel Osborne-Paradis

09 January 2012 08:29

Ana Jelusic: Almost a year since your crash and injury, how’s the recovery coming along?

Manuel Osborne-Paradis- Recovery is coming along, it has been a while since I’ve raced, but I started skiing a few weeks back and it feels good to be outside again and not stuck in the gym every day.

AJ: Your general plan was to be ready for Lake Louise this November, what didn’t go according to plan and made you postpone the comeback?

MOP: I had an unfortunate accident this summer and was dragged by a bus this July. I think it was a pipe dream to be able to have my comeback race in Lake Louise, but this did postpone my comeback a little longer, for sure a month.

AJ: You mentioned how since it eventually had to happen, the timing of your injury was not bad, what were you able to focus on, apart from rehab during this year?

MOP: There isn’t ever a good time to be injured, but I used the time to my advantage. I took the time to organize my life- there were a lot of jobs around the house that had been bugging me, so I got to them. I was able to step back and take the time in the gym I needed. Work on my lifting technique and such...  I was also able to show my friends what my face looks like; I think it had been a long time.

AJ: Being an athlete forced to stay away from sport, did you discover any new activities you enjoy?

MOP: I wish!  I didn’t have time for new activities and if I did, it wouldn’t have been conducive to my return to skiing. I have been pretty lame the past year.

AJ: What scares you the most, if anything, when you think about your first comeback race?

MOP: I’m not sure anything scares me about my first race, not any new things anyways. What is there to be scared of? If you are second guessing yourself, you shouldn’t be at your first race.

AJ: Mentally, what was the hardest thing to deal with this year off skis?

MOP: The hardest part for me is not being in the normal routine of racing a ski season.  Missing the travel in the summer and the “go go go” attitude.

AJ: Was it tough to be in Lake Louise and not be able to start, or was it a good motivation being there and reminding yourself where you are fighting to come back to?

It wasn’t tough at all. It was a different experience for sure, not having to race. It was just a really good motivator to get back with my friends and teammates on the road again.

Don't foget to check the video of his way back from the injury!