5 things you should know about Hans Olsson….

07 July 2011 09:09

By Michael Mastarciyan

Swedish speed specialist Hans Olsson calls the blog on his website “Life in the fast lane…” but based on his extremely outgoing personality, vividly colourful world view, and the unusual happenings that happen in the Olsson universe, this title is a definite misnomer – because it’s pretty clear that Mr. Olsson actually lives life in the FUN lane!

Yes, most of what the Lionman (that’s Olsson’s nickname) is known for does involve high speed motion, like his day job on the World Cup speed circuit, the sweet ride he tears around the autobahns of Central Europe in – a tricked out Porsche 997 Carrera 2S, or the high tech road bike he pedals up and down mountains every summer to stay fit during dry-land season. But it’s not the high speed which Olsson lives his life at that makes him stand out from the crowd – as there are plenty of other ski racers who live in the fast lane as much as he does. The thing that sets Olsson apart are the rosy-tinted glasses he sees the world through – glasses that see the fun and funny side of life where ever he goes and what ever he does.

A master blogger and expert chronicler of the circus that his daily life sometimes becomes, Olsson is the brains behind one of the most entertaining and interactive World Cup athlete websites around. And nothing, it seems, is sacred for Olsson – not even ski racing – as was the case most recently when he challenged Swedish cross country ski star Emil Jonsson to a race using downhill skis to race cross country and cross country skis to race downhill (see the video on FISALPINE.COM or on HANS-OLSSON.COM). Whether it’s posting photos of beautiful ski “booties” or horrifyingly hideous tacky tourist butts in super-tight neon pink Speedos in Miami on his website, it’s pretty clear that Olsson enjoys nothing more than sharing his version of the lighter side of life with his fans via the internet.

Still, despite have a life that’s a virtual open book thanks to the World Wide Web, there still are some things that Olsson’s fans might not know – like these 5….

1. Hans is a master meatloaf chef and is planning on making millions off his secret recipe one day!

“I got into making my amazing meatloaf after I saw a basic recipe in a magazine on meat loaf. I tried it and I loved it! Now a few years later I have perfected the recipe with extra bacon and some extra spices which unfortunately will have to remain top secret to protect the integrity of my master culinary creation! My meatloaf meal is a fantastic gastronomic experience if you add some "Olsson-style mashed potatoes" -recipe for this is top secret too! Eat it and you’ll get all the nutrition you need to become a lion! My girlfriend Maria (Pietilae-Holmner) really likes it too, although I have to hold it back a bit because she’s not always in meatloaf mode!”

“So bring it on sushi chefs, pasta experts, burger specialists, but you don’t have anything on my homemade meatloaf! After my ski racing career I will sell my killer recipe for millions of dollars and will be known forever as The God Father of Meatloaf! “

2. Hans loves Track & Field…it’s just the triple jump he has a problem with!

“I’ve tried my hand at just about every sport out there at least once or twice. I’ve had some success in a few of them, but my triple jump career never really took off! I decided to try it as a kid but now that I look back I probably shouldn’t have! At my first triple jump competition I couldn’t even manage to reach the sand landing pit, I had to withdraw from the event and watch the other guys fly!”

“I was pretty good at other events though and I actually used to do a lot of track & field as a kid. I was even regional champion in javelin for 12 year olds, and have a personal best 54.32 metres!”

3. Hans is a morning person!

“I don’t like setting my alarm clock for 5:30am but I still do enjoy early mornings. I love to get up and to get going before the rest of the world does!! I have a pretty good body clock and I find I can wake up early regardless of when the alarm clock goes off! Sometimes though I wish I had the capability to just hit the snooze button and to sleep forever. I don’t know what it is but something always seems to tell me to get up and get going! My ideal morning meal is my one and only "King Kong Olsson Mix" for breakfast! 3 raw eggs, 1 banana, 1 kiwi, frozen berries! Mmmmmm chock full of “Olssony Goodness!”

4. Hans hates stress…especially when he’s travelling!

“Stress is the worst feeling in the world, especially when you are traveling. I always try to stay ahead of the time schedule to avoid rushing to airports at the last minute! I’ve made a deal with myself to never be so late that I have to run at an airport, so far its been working well!”

“For me, the best medicine for stress is just to stay alert and stick to the plan. If the departure time is at 15:00 for example, you should make sure to be ready by at least 14:45. That gives you a room to fix a problem without stressing or being late! “

5. Hans is terrible with driving directions and loves having a GPS…but he doesn’t always trust it!

“I’ve been racing all over the Alps for the last 8 years, but I still can’t find my way around down there! I always think I know the way, but somehow I always end up either going the wrong way or getting lost! The problem is that I either trust my Garmin GPS too much or myself too much! Navigating by GPS is never ever 100% - I would give it a 40% chance to reach the final destination. Last year I trusted my Garmin to take me to Formigal for the Europa Cup finals. It went great, except that the stupid thing never told me that there were two different Formigales in Spain (one is spelled Formigal and the other is spelled Formigales)! Of course we ended up in the wrong Formigales!”