5 things you should know about Manuel Osborne-Paradis

07 June 2011 09:56

By Michael Mastarciyan


There is a dark side to Manuel Osborne-Paradis.

It’s a side most of his race colleagues, fans and even friends and family know little about given most news stories and features about the 27-year-old Canadian racer often portray him as a happy-go-lucky skier with a bubbly personality and a penchant for joking around in just about any situation.

Osborne-Paradis’ darker side is connected to something he dislikes immensely and intensely, and that’s just putting it mildly.

Like the comic book superhero Superman, who has a phobia related to Kryptonite – the substance from his home planet that saps him of his strength - Osborne-Paradis, an alpine superhero of sorts himself on some of his finer race days, also has an Achilles heel – those bendy little yellow things that grow on trees in tropical areas - yes, you guessed it - BANANAS!

Here are five things you should know about Manuel Osborne-Paradis – in his own words – and yes, his non-relationship with bananas is one of them.


1. Manny really, really, really, really hates bananas - and yes, they do drive him bananas...

“I very much dislike bananas, and I’m using the wussy word ‘dislike’ because you said I couldn’t say those other bad words I did say, and you said you wouldn’t print because they were too X-rated for this article, so I’m being as diplomatic as I can without dropping four-letter words when I tell you about my hatred of this fruit.”

“The thing I hate the most about bananas is the smell, the smell of a banana just makes me nauseous and I want to puke. I think I overdosed on them as a kid, I used to eat them 4 or 5 times a day and the next thing you know I just can’t stand them. My Grampa used to make peanut butter and banana sandwiches in the morning and he would wait until they were black so he could smear them on the bread with his butter knife, and I used to think that this was like the grossest thing that anyone could do. And he would use the same ziplock bag every day and it would have old bananas in them, and the smell and everything, it just got to me through years of my life. If there was anything that my Grampa did that grossed me out, that was it.”


2. Manny is not a breakfast guy and thinks ice cream is a better invention than the wheel...

“Since we’re on the topic of food, let me throw this out there, I’m really not a breakfast guy. I know it’s an important part of your day and it has huge nutritional value and it’s the gas you need to fill in your tank to get your day going and all that stuff. But I’ve gotta say, I’d rather just sleep through breakfast and go straight to lunch.”

“If you really want to know about my food habits, dessert is what I like the most. Everybody thinks Tiramisu is my favorite dessert because I’ve mentioned it before in interviews, but really ice cream is my favorite dessert.”

“Ice cream is the best invention since the wheel. People probably invented the wheel so they could drive to the ice cream store, I’m pretty sure that’s how it went, hahahaha!”

“It was probably something like, ‘Man I need to get to the grocery store to get more ice cream, how do we get there faster?’ And someone probably said something like, ‘Hey, I’ve got this round thing that could really work, maybe we can use it to get there quicker!’”


3. Manny is a big NFL Football fan now...

“I’m a big football fan now. I haven’t been a big football fan for very long but in the last while I’ve been getting really into it. I totally love football, the Denver Broncos are my team. We’ve got a lot of big Broncos fans on the team, Rewk’s (Patten) a big fan, Robbie (Dixon), Shawn Gaisford (ski serviceman) and Johno (McBride) are all into the team and they’ve kind of passed it on to me. I’ve gone to a couple of games now, I’ve been to their new stadium and I’ve got Broncos fever big time!”

“I’ve also been to San Francisco to see the 49ers play, Stacey Cook (USSA) invited Robbie (Dixon) and I was there a couple of years ago and we had a fantastic time at the game with her. We actually got to sit in the owner’s box to watch the game and even went down onto the field before kickoff, it was really cool.”


4. Manny loves New York...

“The city I love to travel to the most in the world is New York. If I could take six months of my life and just move to a city right off the bat and just enjoy the city I would move to New York City and live in Manhattan. I just love the fact that in New York you just open a little door at the side of an alley and go downstairs and next thing you know there’s like 200 people in there at like the best restaurant. There’s all these hidden gems, there’s always something going on, there’s people everywhere, hustle and bustle and you know I don’t think I could do that as my lifestyle, but that’s what really pleases me - just the fact that you leave your apartment and there’s tons of stuff going on - I always like it when there’s tons of stuff going on, hahahaha!”


5. Manny loves mountain biking almost as much as skiing...

“If I wasn’t a ski racer I think mountain biking would have been my second choice as a career. Just to live the pro mountain biking life, to live in the Whistler-Vancouver area and ride my bike every day and be really good at it. I love testing my abilities and mountain biking is a sport where you can really push the envelope. When I grew up in Deep Cove (British Columbia) I used to mountain bike a lot and ‘pushing the envelope’ was something we would say every day with my friends because it was something that was happening at the time. Mountain biking evolved in the western hemisphere like crazy when we were growing up. I’m kind of envious of my some friends where they were really involved in the whole birth of mountain biking itself and some of them had a lot of success in the sport. It’s cool to be one of those very first pioneers and to have witnessed that, and to be part of that lifestyle must have been really cool. I think I would have loved to continue that dream.”