Three victories for the Norwegian ladies in Copper Mountain

12 November 2013 15:59
Copper Mountain
Copper Mountain -

After a weekend dedicated to the men’s races, on Monday it was time for the ladies to take over Copper Mountain and kick off their racing season in North America.

Ad they kicked it off with a packed schedule, with four FIS races held in the same day - two super-G races and two super combines.

It proved to be a great day for the Norwegian team as their ladies took home three victories!

2012 downhill Junior World Champion Lotte Smiseth Sejersted won the first super-G by finishing ahead of Americans Leanne Smith and Stacey Cook, leaving them 0.56 seconds and .82 seconds behind.

In the second super-G of the day the same ladies raced to the podium but this time it was Smith who clocked the fastest time, leaving Sejersted and Cook in second (+.56 sec) and third (+.73 sec).

Sejersted celebrated her second victory of the day by locking the fastest time in the super combined. She finished 0.54 seconds ahead of teammate Ragnhild Mowinckel and 1.45 seconds ahead of American Julia Ford.

In the second super combined race, Mowinckel stepped up her game a bit further as she went on to clock the fastest time, leaving American Cook and Canadian Larisa Yurkiw in second (+1.35 sec) and third (+1.36 sec).

A ladies’ giant slalom is scheduled to take place on Tuesday and results will be made available after the race.

Here are the results of Monday’s races:

1st super-G

2nd super-G

1st super combined

2nd super combined



On Tuesday Sejersted celebrated her third victory in five races by crossing the finish line 0.07 seconds ahead of American Megan McJames and .34 seconds ahead of teammate Mowinckel who claimed her third podium in two days.