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24 May 2016 09:18
Tina Weirather
Tina Weirather -
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Liechtenstein's Tina Weirather established herself among the world's best alpine skiers, with no fewer than 26 World Cup podiums in 3 disciplines! How did she get there? What are her goals for the future? Learn all about it in our Q&A-Interview.

First of all, congratulations on your great season! 4th in the Overall ranking with personal record of 1016 points and two World Cup wins, it looks like the struggles you had in 2014/15 are definitively over. What changed compared to last season? Are you satisfied with your results?
I’m very happy with my season, especially with the 2nd place in the overall SG standings and also with my GS performance. In downhill I was a little disappointed, because I feel like I was never able to really show my best. I had a new coach and I knew it would take a little time for the changes we made to work out in all 3 disciplines, but all in all it already worked very well.

What was your personal highlight this season? Is there a win, a performance you’re particularly proud of?
Both my victories were amazing, I’m really proud of how I was able to react after the worst race of my career and win the next day in La Thuile. In St. Moritz I took a lot of risks and was able to show some of my best skiing. Also it was always my dream to be on the podium in Sölden, so that was a really exciting start into the season.

Unfortunately, your biography doesn’t include only racing highlights, but also a lot of injuries (end 2006/07 two torn ACLs / end 2007/08 torn right ACL / January 2010 torn right ACL / February 2014 shin injury) and they always occurred when you were at the top of your shape. How did you get along with this? What did you learn from these setbacks?
Well, getting along with those things is really tough, but I always tried to stay positive and keep fighting. Also I always try to analyze myself and be bloody honest with myself. I think that it is very important to actually learn from setbacks. Struggle is part of the game, so I think it’s important how you handle the struggle, if you get negative and think about giving up, or if you analyze what’s wrong and work on getting better. It’s not the success that you should love, but the process of getting there.

It’s also hard to talk about your biography without mentioning your family background. Together, your parents Hanni Wenzel and Harti Weirather have 2 Olympic titles, 5 World Champion titles, 8 World Cup globes and 39 World Cup wins. This must result in a lot of expectations, both from the outside and from yourself as an ambitious person. How do you handle this? Is it more of a motivation and an advantage, or is it only pressure?
Actually I don’t know it any different, I grew up like that, so it doesn’t mean pressure or advantage for me. Sometimes I feel like people think that I somehow have to be really good because of my parents, but sadly I still have to work really hard as well ;-)

Since 2011, you’re fully integrated in the Swiss Ski team, together with Overall winner Lara Gut, downhill runner-up Fabienne Suter and alpine combined winner Wendy Holdener. If we add the World Cup points you earned, the Swiss Ski team would have won the Nations Cup. Can we talk about a great team performance? Or is it more individual athletes training under the same banner? What’s the spirit within the team?
That is huge, I wish my points would be included and we would have won the Nations Cup. The team is great, not only the athletes are doing a good job, but also the coaches and everyone involved. I am very happy to be part of the Swiss team, the team spirit is positive, so we can all get better together.

Is summertime a period you like and enjoy at home? Or are you missing snow training and travelling?
I usually love to travel and be on the tour, but this year was the first year I also really really enjoy being home for a while. I miss skiing already, but not like the years before when I couldn’t think of anything else than „I wanna go skiing“ :-) I’m very lucky to have the „Rotor Team“ at home, which is a training facility for athletes. It’s getting more and more professional every year and also it’s way more fun to train together every day, instead of grinding alone.

What about your goals for next season? Where will the main focus be? More on the World Championships in St.Moritz or are you aiming at your first career globe?
My goals for next season are definitely the World Champs in St. Moritz, but also the World Cup. I wanna be as well prepared as I can be for next season. There is this main goal in the back of my head, to win a medal and to win a globe one day, but I’m focussing on the next day and the next week only, step by step.

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