Travel troubles for Brignone and Fanchini

01 September 2014 15:56
Federica Brignone
Federica Brignone -

Travel is a big part of a skiers life and it can be a very enjoyable one when things run according to plans; unfortunately this is not always the case and sometimes a long journey can become even longer if unexpected circumstances occur. This has been the case for Italians Federica Brignone and Nadia Fanchini for who during the past few days have had everything but a smooth trip to Ushuaia, Argentina. The Italians and coach Livio Magoni were supposed to travel from Rome to Buenos Aires and then to Ushuaia last but got stuck in Rome due to an Aerolinas Argentinas strike.

Brignone summarized their trip in a post on her blog once she finally made it to Ushuaia.

"I'm in Ushuaia, I dare to say finally, after a terrible journey, perhaps the worst of my life: postponement of the flight from Rome because of the strike in Argentina, start of our trip a day and a half later than planned, arrival in Buenos Aires and realizing our luggage got lost, finding the luggage only to realize there is no bus to make us change airports, arrival at the other airport, loading and unloading luggage 150 times only to finally arrive in Ushuaia without a single piece. This morning we could not even go to the hill because obviously having nothing, with what could we ski?”

But the hassle of the trip doesn’t seem to have discouraged Brignone from making the most out of the trip to Argentina.

“Anyway, I always think that you have to look on the bright side, especially when things could not have gone worse. I’m here with Nadia, Livio and Sbarde and we will join the men’s team and other nations for training. We had this wonderful opportunity to learn a lot and adapt to everything, in fact I will give it my best to make that small leap in quality that I missed last year to maybe get back on the podium! Hoping to get skis and suitcases in the afternoon (if not I’ll have to wash again some underwear and socks),” she concluded on a joking note.