Trying to be patient

06 June 2011 15:22

The recovery process continues for Jean-Baptiste Grange. Operated on his left shoulder on March 31 after a successful season, the French skier still patiently deals with his misfortune.


The question is trivial but always important, how are you?

"It's going pretty well. I am respecting the time it takes to heal. I am making good progress. They removed the splint in mid-May after a final visit to the rehabilitation center at Hauteville. I won back my autonomy. It's nice to be pampered at the beginning but it quickly gets boring. I'm in a period that is a little more quiet, on vacation, and I try to enjoy it a bit. I do nothing. I must stay calm. "

What are your forthcoming medical?

"I see the surgeon in Lyon each month. Later, in mid-June, I will go to the ESRB Boulouris in the South to continue my rehabilitation. It takes three months to regain the normal range of motion, which is expected to be in early July. "

What is your feeling after having received the Legion of Honor?

"It was great! It's always something. It is after all the president who hands over this distinction! The trip to Paris was nice, especially for my grandmother who has never before been there. "


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