UPDATED: Simoncelli crashes in training, pause for 75 days

27 June 2012 14:43
Davide Simoncelli
Davide Simoncelli -

Italian GS specialist Davide Simoncelli had a training crash on the glacier at Les Deux Alpes on Sunday and was operated in Grenoble on Sunday.

After a good night in the hospital, 33-year-old Simoncelli is recovering rapidly from the training crash in which he sustained an abdominal trauma and a perforated intestinal caused by a gate.

Transported to the hospital in Grenoble by helicopter, Davide was operated on for over three hours by the French doctors, who sew up the wound. He will remain hospitalized for a week in Grenoble. His full recovery is expected to require around 75 days.

UPDATE 28th June 2012:

Four days after the accident, David Simoncelli, who was hospitalized last Sunday in Grenoble, is already feeling better. Doctors have now removed the IV tube to the 33-year-old, whose health is improving steadily, so much so that he can finally discuss the accident that occurred during training at the glacier in Les Deux Alpes.

"I never thought of having such an experience," says Simoncelli. "I was training like every other day as when skiing into a curve veering to the left, I slipped onto the inside. Usually the skis break the gate, but this time it was not so. I took a blow right into the abdominals. I thought the pain would pass in a few minutes, but instead I started to feel sick. Fortunately there was a helicopter
available to transport me to Grenoble, allowing me to win some time which was really lucky for me. The doctors diagnosed me with abdominal trauma and a small perforation in an intestinal, and had to work for over three hours to sew it all. Now I feel some pain all over, but that's normal. If all goes well I should go home next Monday and then start to think of recovery. It's been a bad experience, but fortunately things are moving in the right direction. We are still in a period of the season where you can recover from a mishap like mine with minor damage, and recover the lost time. I have done so many times in my life and will do so on this occasion too."